The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting distancing regulations have led to rapid uptake of online communication for both work and social interaction with family and friends.

At Gerringong and Kiama Physiotherapy we now offer an online consultation option to our valued clients. It is our mission to ensure continuation of high quality physiotherapy care, available to you in the safety of your own home.

User friendly

Once you have booked an appointment with our admin staff, you will be provided with clear and simple instructions to prepare for your video or phone consultation. Video appointments can be made using a Smartphone, tablet or laptop with camera function. 


At Gerringong and Kiama Physiotherapy we use PhysiApp for all of our video consultations. It is secure and encrypted end to end, ensuring the privacy you would expect from a physiotherapy appointment. This system is not new to us, as we have been utilising this program as our exercise prescription software for several years.

Follow the link below for a quick guide to set up PhysiApp:

Effective: It’s different to what we’re all used to, but it works!

Our own experience has been extremely positive. Continuing to provide care, support and guidance for people recovering from injuries or surgery during these unprecedented times has been well received, with pleasing results. As physiotherapists we know that by taking the time to provide sound advice, education and structured exercise programs we will continue to help the vast majority of our clients. Even without ‘hands on’ treatments you can benefit greatly from telehealth physiotherapy.

We see that Telehealth will continue to form a valuable part of our business well into the future, as we all rapidly evolve to using these technologies in our lives. It also provides a professional and effective alternative to people who are unable to attend in-clinic appointments.

Several studies have also shown that Telehealth physiotherapy can be as effective as conventional physiotherapy: in the management of musculoskeletal conditions (1) and following knee joint replacement (2)




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Our expert team is here to help you reach your health and performance goals.