Our Team

Mark Burns


  • Graduated from The University of Auckland in 1997 with a BSc – Sport and Exercise Science
  • Graduated from The University of Sydney 2003 in 1997 with a Master of Physiotherapy


I love the diagnostic detective process that is physiotherapy. I like to connect and communicate with people and to help them get back to doing the fun stuff. I like this line from one of my favourite authors Seth Godin; “Do work that matters with people who care. Lead, connect, make a difference”.

Clinical interests

  • Complex physiotherapy presentations
  • Neck and knee pain
  • Return to sport after major knee, shoulder and back surgeries


  • Spending time in nature with Bec and my 2 young sons
  • Golf, surfing, e-mountain biking, reading my kindle
  • My role as founder/president of The Man Walk
Belinda Henry


While studying physiotherapy in the early 90’s my interest in Pelvic Health began. I did my elective clinical in women’s health at the Royal Women’s in Sydney. Once I completed my degree I worked in London in the post natal wards, ran aqua-natal classes and worked on the Breast Cancer ward at the Royal Marsden.

When I came home from London in 2000, I worked in a leading clinic in Bondi Junction. At this time I developed my musculoskeletal skills while working alongside some pioneering Women’s Health Physiotherapists. Soon after, the south coast beckoned and I started working at Gerringong Physiotherapy.

After the birth of my first child I truly understood the importance of the pelvic floor and pelvis. I returned to university to complete my Post Grad Certificate in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and have continued to learn through courses, podcasts and webinars since. I have now been working exclusively in Pelvic Health for 13 years and am passionate about providing caring and quality care to the people of the south coast.

Clinical interests

All things Pelvic Health


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy). University of Sydney, 1996
  • Postgrad Cert in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy). University of Melbourne, 2007

Ongoing Professional Development

  • Chronic Pelvic Pain  – Genitourinary and Anorectal Pain Disorders –  Taryn Hallam WHTA
  • Pelvic floor relationship to Exercise, Sport and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction –  Taryn Hallam WHTA
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse  – Taryn Hallam WHTA
  • Objective Testing Course – WHTA
  • Advanced pessary  & Gellhorn workshop with Taryn Hallam WHTA
  • OAB – WHTA
  • Predictive Pelvic Floor – WHTA
  • Return to Sport/Safe Exercises for PF
  • Nocturia – WHTA
  • Anorectal Pelvic Floor Symposium – WHTA
  • Chronic Pelvic and Perineal Pain: The Clinicians’ Perspective – RHW
  • Male Pelvic Floor Workshop – Newcastle University
  • Paediatric Continence Care – ICCS
  • 2019 Bi Annual Pelvic Floor Research Update – Taryn Hallam WHTA
  • Musculosketetal Segmental and Dry Needling – APA
  • Advanced Management of Pregnancy and Post-Partum Issues  – Michelle Lyons
  • Births Bumps and Beyond, RHW
  • Kids Bladder Day, Children’s Hospital
  • Exercise and Pelvic Floor Workshop, PFF
  • Muscle Energy Technique of Pelvis and Lsp – Barb Hungerford
  • Continence Foundation of Aust Conference 2018
  • Explain Pain – Noi Group
Patrick Moore

Director/Principal Physiotherapist


  • B.Sc (Exercise Science). Uni of Wollongong, 2004
  • Master of Physiotherapy. Uni of Sydney, 2006


  • Worked in the local health network at various hospitals for 2 years, and then in the UK for 2 years. Gained experience across a wide range of physiotherapy disciplines such as orthopaedics, neurological rehabilitation, and cardiorespiratory.
  • Commenced at Gerringong Physiotherapy in 2010 and became a director in 2016

Professional development

  • Musculoskeletal dry needling: APA
  • Explain pain: NOI group
  • Introduction to vestibular rehab in adults of all ages: APA
  • The Temporomandibular joint: A physiotherapists perspective: APA
  • The complete and advanced lumbar spine and pelvis: APA
  • The advanced upper cervical spine and head: APA
  • Integrated solutions for head and neck pain. APA

What I enjoy most about being a physiotherapist

  • Empowering people to take control of their physical health and lead a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Guiding people towards their sporting and lifestyle goals with a mix of manual treatments, exercise and education.
  • Clinical interests: Neck and back pain. Headaches, TMJ and vestibular physiotherapy.

Outside work

  • Spending time with my family, keeping active on the mountain bike, in the water, and attempting to play golf
Courtney Pointon


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Australian Catholic University 2016
  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, University of Queensland 2012
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, University of Queensland 2012

Ongoing Professional Development 

  • WHTA 5 Day Women’s Health Course
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain – Genitourinary and Anorectal Pain Disorder – Taryn Hallan WHTA
  • Explain Pain – Noi Group

Why I like being a Physiotherapist?

Being a physiotherapist allows me to work with individuals from various backgrounds and to aid them in achieving their functional and lifestyle goals. I am passionate about improving community health and enjoy helping women throughout their life stages to become fit, strong and the best possible version of themselves. My Ambition as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist is to empower women to take charge of their own health needs no matter how big or small their concerns may seem. There are no silly questions.

Clinical interests 

  • Women’s Pelvic Health, particularly Pelvic Pain conditions
  • Incontinence
  • Pre and Post natal assessments
  • Osteoporosis and falls prevention
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Knee and hip rehabilitation

Personal hobbies: touch football, running, yoga, and going to the beach

Clare Fitzgerald


  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science) – University of Wollongong, 2007,
  • Graduate Entry Masters Physiotherapy – Curtin University 2010
  • Undertaking Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence and Women’s Health)

Ongoing Professional Development 

  • WHTA 5 Day Women’s Health Course

What you like about being a Physiotherapist, why you do what you do? 

I love working with people from all walks of life to get them back to doing the things that they love to do. I have a passion for helping people to move, be fit and healthy and get the most out of life.

Clinical Interests

  • Pelvic Health
  • Neurological conditions
  • Vestibular and Cardiorespiratory


  • Mountain Biking,
  • Snowboarding
  • The beach
  • Hanging out with my family
Ashleigh Crawford


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science University of Wollongong 2015
  • Master of Physiotherapy Sydney Uni  2017

Ongoing Professional Development 

  • WHTA 5 Day Pelvic Health Course
  • Pelvic Health training in Pre and Post prostatectomy care


I love being able to help people achieve their goals and get back to doing the things they love. I chose to learn more about Pelvic Health Physiotherapy as I found there was need for more physiotherapists with the knowledge and skills to treat patients with Pelvic Health conditions. There is not enough education and discussion about Pelvic Health conditions in the general public and I am very passionate about making people aware of the treatment that we can offer as Pelvic Health Physiotherapists and make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

Clinical Interests

  • Men’s Pelvic Health
  • Women’s Pelvic Health
  • Musculoskeletal


  • Enjoying the outdoors, spending time with my family, friends and my dog Ruby
Peter Sharp


  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (UNSW)
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy (Mac Uni)
  • Level 2 Athletics Australia running coach
  • PD courses: Synthetic Casting, The Complete and Advanced Upper Quadrant, various running courses


Pete is passionate about improving his patients quality of life and helping them return to the activities that they love.  He has a special interest in endurance sports, and lower back pain. He has also coached over 100 runners for the Can Too, a cancer research charity, helping them achieve their distance running dreams.


Pete is an experienced runner and has completed various long-ish races around the world including the Six Foot Track Marathon, Ultra Trail Australia 50km and Tromso Skyrace (Norway). He loves riding bikes around the region and exploring new hills. He has also dabbled in triathlon and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and sometimes strums his guitars when he has time.


Pete spent over a decade at a private practice in Sydney and recently escaped the big smoke to the South Coast. He also did various placements in spinal cord injury rehab and orthopaedics.

Caitlin McCartney


  • BSc –  Exercise and Sport Science (Deakin University)
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne)
  • Currently studying a Masters of Pelvic Health (University of Melbourne)

Professional Development

  • WHTA 5 Day Women’s Health Course
  • Electrical Stimulation/TENS for the Pelvic Floor – Pelvic Floor First
  • Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training – Level 1
  • DMA Clincal Pilates – Craig Phillips
  • Hip and Groin Assessment Workshop – Leanne  Rath
  • Mastering Load Symposium- Tim Gabbet, Paul Visentini and Stephen Whytcross
  • Sporting Lower Limb  –  Craig Purdam, Andrew Wallis and Simon Kearny
  • Running Biomechanics  – Christian Barton
  • Tendonopathy Symposium – Jill Cook, Craig Purdam, Ebany Rio and Sean Dockling


I believe in practising organic living; a life that is simple, healthful and  close to nature. It was therefore a logical progression for me to become interested in exercise as a natural approach to healthy living.

This developing interest in exercise led me to study a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and I started out my career working as an exercise scientist. I spent several years using exercise as therapy at  Cabrini Private Hospital, a rehabilitation hospital in Victoria.

After a few years of this work I developed a desire to use exercise as a tool to empower individuals to have greater control of their own health. To achieve this, and wanting to learn more about the human body and its response to injury and disease, I completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Melbourne University.

Upon graduating, I worked in a private practice in inner city Melbourne, where I pursued my interest in exercise by developing skills in Pilates. I then undertook further training in women’s health. I have a special interest in pre- and post-natal exercise and assisting women in the post-natal return to running/exercise.

Clinical Interests:

  • Pre- and post-natal exercise
  • Pelvic Health
  • Clinical Pilates and Yoga
  • Strength and conditioning for running
  • Lower limb injuries and rehabilitation after surgery


Spending time outdoors, close to nature either walking, running, or doing yoga and Pilates. I have also started a herbal tea company with my partner: State of Mind Organics.

Angus McDowell


  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science) with Distinction, University of Wollongong
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne
  • Masters of Sports Medicine, University of Melbourne (current)
  • Level II GURU and F.I.S.T Certified Bike fitter


I am a Physiotherapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach with have extensive experience in high-level and elite sports – in particular cycling and triathlon.

I am fascinated by human performance and how the elements of biomechanics and physiology merge to allow an athlete to achieve high performance goals and tolerate physical training stress. Injury devastates an athlete’s preparation and can have complex ramifications. I went on to complete my Doctors of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne and then on to complete further education in the areas of sports and injury management; high-level rehab; training load management; adolescent athletic development and strength and conditioning. I am also an industry and clinically certified Bike Fitter. The next step in my career is along the pathway to Sports titling by taking on a Masters in Sports Medicine through the University of Melbourne.

I have a special interest in sporting injuries, tendon injuries, bone stress injuries and joint reconstructive surgeries as well as injuries involving the jaw (TMJ). I have travelled internationally with a number of professional cycling teams and as the Physiotherapist for World Tour Professional Cycling Team EF (Education First) managing their injuries, recovery and performance. I have also worked with a variety of sporting teams and organisations, heading up the medical team for VAFA Premier team CGFC for a number of years.

Professional Development:

  • Assessment and treatment of hand injuries
  • The Sporting Lower Limb
  • SMA Conference Presenter – Cycling Injury Symposium
  • Mastering Load Symposium and Level I and II
  • Patellofemoral Symposium
  • Adolescents in Sport
  • Hip and Groin Symposium
  • Science of Cycling Presenter and Tutor Level I and II
  • Running Assessments and Strength and Conditioning
  • Tendinopathy Symposium
  • Tempero-mandibular Dysfunction