Group Exercise Classes

Image of PhysioRehab group exercise class brochure

PhysioRehab is our most popular group exercise class!

It is physio-led and each participant has their own individualised program. It involves a mixture of Pilates-informed, reformer-based exercises and functional conditioning.

To join:

  1. Contact our clinic.
  2. Attend 2-3x one-on-one QuickStart appointments with a physiotherapist. They will conduct a thorough assessment to tailor your program to your level and goals.
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Location Time
Gerringong Monday 10:00AM
Gerringong Wednesday 9:00AM
Gerringong (New!) Wednesday 12:00PM
Gerringong Thursday 6:15PM
Gerringong Friday 8:00AM
Gerringong (New!) Friday 2:00PM
Kiama Monday 5:15PM
Kiama Monday 6:15PM
Kiama Tuesday 9:00AM
Kiama Tuesday 12:15PM
Kiama Thursday 10:15AM
Kiama Thursday 6:15PM
Kiama (New!) Friday 9:00AM
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Image of Physio S&C group exercise class brochure

Physio S&C (Strength and Conditioning) fits a range of training modalities, including high-level balance and stability training, tendon conditioning, muscle training and end-stage rehabilitation.

Optimise your performance and function for your particular sport or activity. Build resilience to injury and achieve better results with your injury or surgery rehabilitation.

Like our other group exercise classes, your program is designed to your individual needs and performance goals.

Classes limited to 4 people.

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Location Time
Gerringong Monday 9:00AM
Gerringong Tuesday 4:15PM
Gerringong Tuesday 5:15PM
Gerringong Thursday 10:00AM
Gerringong Friday 11:15AM
Kiama Monday 11:00AM
Kiama Wednesday 11:00AM
Kiama Thursday 4:15PM
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Image of PhysioStrong group exercise class brochure

PhysioStrong is our physiotherapist designed and led, general exercise program.

This safe, fun and supportive class is suitable for those looking to improve their balance, upper and lower body strength, bone density and to reduce their falls risk.

To assess your readiness for exercise and current level of health and  function, you will be required to attend an assessment with a physiotherapist, before joining the class.

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Location Time
Gerringong Tuesday 10:00AM
Gerringong Tuesday 11:00AM
Gerringong Thursday 11:00AM
Kiama Wednesday 12:15PM
Kiama Friday 11:00AM
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Image of Physio Pre & Postnatal group exercise class brochure

Pre and Postnatal classes have been developed and will be run by our Southern Coast Pelvic Health Physiotherapy team.

Exercise is important for women during pregnancy and after the birth of your child. This class focuses on the core, posture, mobility and strengthens all the key muscles that support the spine and pelvis including the pelvic floor muscles.

Ladies will need a pre class assessment with one of our pelvic health physiotherapists and those who are pregnant will need clearance from their pregnancy health care provider.

Class numbers are limited to 6.

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Location Time
Gerringong Tuesday 9:00AM
Kiama (New!) Tuesday 5:00PM
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Image of PhysioCore group exercise class brochure

PhysioCore classes have been developed and will be run by our Southern Coast Pelvic Health Physiotherapy team.

This class focuses on foundations such as breathing, posture improvement and core control. We also work on movement, functional strength and stability to optimise your health, fitness and performance.

This class may also be appropriate for those looking to return to exercise, recovering from injury or surgery, or wanting to improve their core strength, posture and conditioning in a supportive environment.

Those wishing to attend will need a pre-class assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

Class numbers are limited to 6.

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Location Time
Gerringong (New!) Friday 10:00AM
Kiama (New!) Tuesday 2:00PM
Kiama Thursday 9:15AM
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