If you are newer to the running game, the day before a race can pose a few questions:

  • What do I eat and drink? 
  • I just bought cool socks, should I wear them tomorrow?
  • I haven’t done many runs this week because of the weather, should I cram one in now to boost my fitness?

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow the night before, as well as on race day.

  1. Eat and drink normal things for you

In terms of fluid intake, drink as you feel thirsty. Your urine should be a pale yellow/straw colour. If you like a drink of an evening, limit it to one – alcohol dehydrates you. 

In terms of food, pick normal foods throughout the day. If you don’t handle spice well, steer clear of trying a vindaloo etc. for the first time. Pete’s favourite pre-race dinner is a Hawaiian pizza – you can find it anywhere in the world and you’ve got next to no chance of food poisoning! 

  1. Your fitness is in the bank

Running rewards consistent training over weeks and months. By the day before, it’s already banked. There’s no need to cram in ‘one last run’ the day before if you’ve been a bit light on recently, just go out on race day and do your best!

  1. Nothing new on race day!

The cardinal sin of running is trying new things on race day – any clothes (especially shoes!) and food. Stick to what you know. It’s always annoying to feel those new socks giving you blisters with a few more km’s to go! Likewise, eat the usual breakfast you would before any other weekend run.

4.  Get there early & warm up

Few things will stress you on race day like getting to the start line with a minute to spare. Give yourself plenty of time to find a park, get your race number, find a toilet and warm up. A less stressed runner is a faster runner!


Happy running – we’ll see you out there!