In the bucolic fields of Jamberoo lies the wonderful Swamp Road bike path.

For families, it’s a lovely place for a walk or learning to ride.

For more seasoned cyclist or runners, it’s a safe, fast link between the quiet roads of Jamberoo and the back of Gainsborough.

But most of all, it’s a place to see cows.


You can either park at the Jamberoo end on Brown’s Lane, halfway along Swamp Road bike path itself, or the Gainsborough end at Henry Parkes Drive.

Strava segment:

Quick summary:

  • 4.6km path between Jamberoo and Gainsborough
  • Separated from the road
  • Dead flat
  • Only one road to cross at the Brown’s Lane/Jamberoo end means it’s family friendly
  • Pro tip: it gets cold out there in winter, rug up!

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